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We Design Branding is a young independent online branding agency made up of leading creatives and strategy experts who support companies in their branding strategy through the creation of design to your online campaigns.

We offer services at a reasonable price, because we have chosen to work remotely by internet, without an office, without costs, without fuss.



We Design Branding is made up of graphic design and digital marketing professionals and of the idea of ​​creating a real convergence between sometimes contradictory approaches.


We Unite Branding - building an identity, an emotional and lasting relationship with customers- and ROI - each dollar you invest with us will generate two more for our clients.

We create, find meaning in brands or products, rethink positioning and express it in images more than in words, because a strong visual with meaning and impact leads a brand to be clearly identified. and memorized.

We think about each brand or each business in its singularity, according to its market and its competition.


We analyze its challenges, design a communication strategy in response to the objectives set, initiate a process of seduction to gain the support of a target.

We believe that the aesthetics of a product or a brand are the best way to attract attention and that the care given to it is at the heart of customer motivations when they buy it because it reflects and guarantees the acquisition of a quality product or service.

But we never forget that your ultimate goal is to make money, increase your sales and your bottom line. We know how to ensure that each budget invested with us will subsequently generate added value on all levels and higher income for you.


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We Design Branding is defined as an online “one-stop shop”,

thus offering 3 services accompanying you from creation to implementation:


You don't go into battle without a strategy and knowing the enemy's terrain, it's the same in the world of marketing and advertising. Building a strategy is essential and this is what differentiates between success and failure.


  • In-depth market research: brand perception and image, strengths and weaknesses, sector analysis, definition of the target audience and its characteristics, competition analysis.

  • Construction of a marketing strategy that responds to the particular challenges of your customers, with precise definition of budgets and objectives.

  • Creation of the campaign according to the chosen strategy.

  • Precise and detailed analysis of campaign results and advice to optimize results at all levels.


Visual communication is a vital part of any business. Values, emotional associations, what defines you and what sets you apart from others - all this is communicated first by a logo, by the whole graphic charter, then any other visual aids.


We Design Branding creates a unique and tailor-made design that fully corresponds to who you are and what you want to reflect, whatever your field of activity.


  • Creation of visual identity of brand or company / institution: Logo, icon, graphic charter

  • Repositioning of brand, product, or company, or relifting of an existing communication.

  • Packaging design: Creation of new products, makeover or redesign, variation and organization of the range of products.

  • Publishing: design of brochures, annual reports, poster, book, ...

  • Points of sale: POS, merchandising, shelf dressing, ...

  • Signage: Urban, commercial

  • Drawing

  • Typographic creation

  • Website


From creating mini-sites to analysing statistics and optimizing, we know how to manage internet campaigns in the markets of Europe, North America and Israel.

Banner campaigns on large portals, per click on search engines, on social networks, on mobile, text, image or video, we work with all existing tools.



  • Creation of campaign elements, texts and visuals.

  • Complete management of advertising campaigns and permanent optimization of results.

  • Wide choice of type of campaign (cost per click, impression, lead, purchase, view etc…).

  • Classic banner campaigns.

  • Advertising on search engines.

  • Advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube).



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Art Director

Myriam Cohen studied graphic arts in Paris in 1996 for two rich and intensive years at ESAG - Penninghen (School of Graphic Arts) then continued her training with a specialization in visual communication at the Maryse School of Art. Eloy (recently renamed " Efet Studio Créa " ). In 2000, she presented all of her work and personal projects to a jury made up of creative directors from the largest French design agencies and graduated with a "very good" grade.


After a fascinating internship at the Carré Noir agency, she worked freelance for various Parisian agencies before joining the artistic direction of the cosmetics department of the design branding agency Hotshop.


Myriam moved to Israel in 2005 then worked for various leading agencies in the Israeli design world such as Neogroup, Adlai & Partners, and Adler Brands of the advertising group Adler Chomski & Warshavsky / Grey Israel, before creating in 2008 Studio Myriam Cohen allowing her to express her own creativity, enriched by her many experiences.


Today, with more than 20 years of experience in graphic design,  Myriam leads the artistic direction of We Design Branding whose projects are designed with the greatest care, the best attention to detail and concern for the highest quality, spanning several areas including brand and corporate identity.

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Marketing and Advertising Director

Benjamin Lachkar graduated from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris in 1996 and obtained a Masters in Communication from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2001.


From 2003 to 2010 he was Marketing Director for online advertising companies, managing budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and making his clients market leaders.


Director of Marketing at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism from 2010, since 2015 he has been independent and consultant for public and private organizations and continues to manage online campaigns, mainly on social networks.

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